Taylors Britannia Diesel and Paraffin Heaters – Polished Brass or Stainless Steel

Fuelled by generally available diesel, either from its own gravity tank (Header Tank version) or pumped direct the boat’s supply (main fuel tank version).  The main fuel tank version Diesel cabin heater requires an electric supply which only uses 0.25 Ah per day.  


Complete Taylors Diesel Heater. Our range of heaters are available in both Stainless and Polished Brass both look great! The sheet metal is folded by hand to create the units main structure, it then is assembeled in the same manner. This means attention to detail throughout the process. A test and last inspection takes place before the item is packaged and sent to you.

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Taylors Britannia Diesel - Heater 079D Diesel

  • $7,330.95

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