The REELsling is a flotation device to assist and be part of a system for recovering persons overboard.


The Reel Sling features a flexible flotation collar with SOLAS reflective tape, grab handle, whistle, 150ft (50 metres) of floating retrieval line and a PVC UV proof storage bag.

Features -

  • The Reel Sling is constructed from pliable closed cell foam padded comfort section encased in a durable, high visibility cover with 21lbs (10 Kilos) of flotation.
  • A grab handle has been sewn around the foam filled comforter to assist retrieval and deployment.
  • SOLAS grade reflective tape has been extensively used on the outside of the foam padded comforter for easy identification and detection at night.
  • The stainless non slip steel D rings provide easy entry and secure closure during rescue.
  • The Reel Sling has life jacket grade safety webbing.
  • Easy to use operating instructions.
  • Made to be attached to your pulpit rail.
  • The retrieval line tail has to be secured to the boat before use.
  • A whistle
  • The Reel Sling has 150ft or (50 metres) of reflective ski floating rope that doesn’t absorb water.
  • Stow PVC bag made from 1100dtex PVC with UV, FR & anti fungal treated super gloss fabric.



Attach stowage bag to inside of stern rail within easy reach of the crew and securely fasten the tail of the tether line (at base of bag) to strong anchorage point on the boat.

Always stow the floating line flaked in line compartment of stowage bag. Prior preparation of a 3:1 hoisting tackle and the identification and marking of suitable located sheet blocks and cleats may assist in lifting the patient from the water.



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