Whistle Operating Module 5980

The Oceanic Systems’ 5980 Whistle Operating Module provides fully automatic control of the ship’s whistles and warning lights, which can be activated by any Poseidon display.

The unit includes automated general signalling for manoeuvring to Starboard, Port, Astern and Danger signals to IMO Rule 34. It also carries reduced visibility signalling for power vessel, power vessel stopped, anchored, towed or not under command to IMO Rule 35 with variable repeat times as required. It also includes an immediate horn control directly from any touchscreen on the vessel.

The Whistle Operating Module has two horn control relays and two warning light control relays for future flexibility. Each relay can switch 1 Amp to control the required circuits.


  • Automatic operation of whistles and lights
  • General signalling to IMO Rule 34
  • Reduced visibility signalling to IMO Rule 35
  • Single touch instantaneous horn button
  • Operation from any Poseidon Touchscreen Display
  • Primary and Secondary horn and light circuits
  • 1 Amp power switching on each of 4 circuits
  • Indicator LEDs
  • 12V or 24V operation


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Oceanic Systems Whistle Operating Module

  • $1,329.47

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