Poseidon Network Video Recorder 5170

High reliability marine network video recording system

The dedicated system provides full control of a vessel’s security and monitoring, bringing flexible solutions to vessels with more complex security needs. The Poseidon NVR is able to work independently with multiple dedicated CCTV displays, or can be integrated into the Poseidon monitoring and control system displays.


With incredible power through an 8 Core AMD EPYC processor and 32GB of server grade ECC RAM, the Poseidon NVR ensures superior efficiency and speed. It also benefits from an SSD for reduced loading times and 4TB CCTV storage capacity.

  • Supports up to 24 IP cameras 
  • 4TB surveillance HDD 
  • Continuous recording with overwriting buffer 
  • Access live and playback footage easily 
  • Integrates with Poseidon® 
  • Industry standard 19” rack mount 



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Oceanic Systems Poseidon NVR

  • $11,898.18

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