Poseidon System Unit 5180


The Oceanic Systems’ 5180 is the centrepiece of the Poseidon® system, providing alarms, control and monitoring to all of your vessels PLC, NMEA2000® and Oceanic UDP devices.

The 5180 boasts a powerful Quad Core processor, passively cooled and is supported by a high-quality SSD. The system has no moving parts, so it is suitable for harsh marine environments.

With dual CAN, dual Ethernet and dual HDMI, there is no shortage of connectivity.

  • Intel Quad Core Processor
  • No extra software or hardware modules required
  • Supports 2 local primary displays & up to 8 attached secondary displays
  • WiFi link to tablets, phones, laptops.
  • Cloud-based link to remote devices
  • Up to 8 IP camera inputs
  • Dual NMEA2000® CAN bus interfaces
  • Ethernet Interface to PLCs and other devices



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Oceanic Systems Poseidon System Unit

  • $11,169.21

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