NMEA2000 Network Starter Kit 3800

The 3800 NMEA2000® Micro Network Starter Kit contains everything you need to install a simple NMEA2000® network in a vessel that can connect two devices together.

The Network Starter kit includes:

1 x 2 Metre Power Cord
1 x Male Terminator
1 x Female Terminator
2 x Tee connectors
1 x 2 metre network trunk cable

This provides everything you need in a single package which can easily be extended as required by adding cabling and Tee connectors.



3800                                  Full Network Starter Kit

3802                                  Micro Trunk to Micro Drop Tee Adaptor

3803                                  Micro Female Terminator

3804                                  Micro Male Terminator

3832                                  Micro Power Cable Dual Feed 2 Metres

3812                                  Micro Cableset 2 Metres



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Oceanic Systems NMEA2000 Network Starter Kit

  • $245.64

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