Vacuum Sensor 0 to -1 Bar 4-20mA G1/2”

The Oceanic Systems’ Pressure Sensor range can monitor a wide range of liquids or gas pressures in the marine environment.
The Pressure Sensors have high stability and feature enhanced anti-interference and surge protection.
The units use a high performance piezoresistive pressure transducer as the sensing part, and the inner structure is O-ring sealed. All the sensors have a -10 to 70°C wide temperature compensation.

  • Also available – Pressure ranges from 0-10psi, 0-50psi, 0-100psi, 0-500psi, 0-1000psi, 0-5000psi
  • Compact, rugged construction
  • Output signals: 4-20mA
  • Stainless steel
  • Isolated construction, able to test various media
  • Enhanced anti-interference and surge protection
  • Vented gauge and absolute pressure
  • Piezoresistive pressure sensor, silicone oil filled
  • A wide range of pressure and electrical connections


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Oceanic Systems Vacuum Sensor

  • $388.23

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