Wet Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor 4510

The Oceanic Systems’ NMEA2000® 4510 Wet Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor measures the
exhaust gas temperature of a marine engine or generator. When connected to a Type T thermocouple (part number 4511) the sensor will report the temperature directly onto the NMEA2000® network. The standard NMEA2000® output messages can be displayed on any suitably equipped NMEA2000® displays to show the actual temperature. This means partial cooling water blockages can be seen before any damage occurs. The 4510 Wet Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor is an important part of the Oceanic Systems’ complete vessel monitoring and control system.


  • Display actual exhaust gas temperature in °C
  • Detect partial cooling water blockages before damage occurs
  • Display on Master Consoles or on separate Alarm Panels
  • Blue LED confirming NMEA2000® transmission
  • Manufactured to NMEA2000® standard
  • Low cost
  • Certified to NMEA2000®



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Oceanic Systems Wet Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

  • $844.85

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