Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe 4511

The Oceanic Systems’ 4511 Wet Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe is a highly accurate and robust Type T thermocouple. With a rugged salt water resistant Duplex Stainless Steel probe housing, the 4511 Wet Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe is designed to be mounted in the exhaust hose or screwed into a tapped riser. The probe will accurately measure a temperature range from -20°C to +300°C. When connected to the 4510 Wet Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor the probe and sensor become an important part of the Oceanic Systems’ complete vessel monitoring and control system. The probe has a 3 metre armoured stainless steel sheathed cable to connect it to the NMEA2000® sensor module.


  • Accurate Type T Thermocouple probe element with temperature range from -20°C
  • to +300°C
  • Salt water corrosion resistant Duplex Stainless Steel probe housing
  • Stainless Steel sheathed 3 metre screened thermocouple cable for added durability
  • M10 Probe housing suitable for tapped exhaust riser or exhaust hose mounting
  • Manufactured to NMEA2000® standard



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Oceanic Systems Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe

  • $414.06

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