NMEA2000 to VE.Can® Adaptor 5802

Oceanic System’s NMEA2000® to VE.Can® adaptor 5802 allows standard NMEA2000® sensors to be connected to Victron’s popular VE.Can® network.

Housed in a robust black anodised case this unit converts the high voltage VE.Can® power down to the NMEA2000® 12 volt standard and current limits it to 100mA or 2 LENs. It has a green power LED that indicates that the VE.Can® voltage is present and that the attached NMEA2000® device is not drawing too much current.

The unit has the standard VE.Can® twin RJ45 sockets to allow the Victron network to be daisy chained in the normal fashion and a single NMEA2000® micro C socket to connect the NMEA2000® device.

The 5802 is built to the IEC 60945 protected standard.

  • Connects NMEA2000® sensors to VE.Can®
  • Converts VE.Can power to NMEA2000® 12V standard
  • Limits power draw to 100mA/2 LEN
  • Power good LED
  • Standard NMEA2000® micro C Socket



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Oceanic Systems NMEA2000 to VE.Can® Adaptor

  • $203.75

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