Cabin Temperature Sensor 4522

The 4522 Cabin Air Temperature Sensor is designed to accurately measure the air temperature in a boat cabin using a highly accurate type K thermocouple mounted in an attractive white plastic enclosure. The unit is designed to be wired to an Oceanic Systems 4521 Temperature Input Module.

  • Temperature -10 – 50 deg C with accuracy of +/- 1 deg C @ 5-50 deg C.
  • Can be daisy chained up to 100 meters to other sensors
  • Internal Rotary switch to select MODBUS instance
  • Internal slide switch to select line termination resistor in circuit, for selecting the end sensor
  • Enclosed to IP30



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Oceanic Systems Cabin Temperature Sensor

  • $89.24

Tags: dc power, voltage, current, battery, cabin, temperature, humidity, nmea2000, monitor