24 Volt DC Power Adaptor 3890

The 3890 24 to 12 Volt Power Adaptor allows a standard NMEA2000® network to be powered from the yachts 24 volt supply.
The 24 Volt input can vary from 17 – 32 Volts whilst the fully stabilised unit holds the output steady.
The unit provides the NMEA2000® standard 13.6 Volts supply at up to 6 Amps which is sufficient to power any normal NMEA2000® network.
The 3890 comes with a complete mounting kit including a dedicated mounting bracket and screws and 1/4” crimp connectors for the 24 volt input connection.
It connects to the NMEA2000® network by means of a 2 metre power Tee that has the standard Micro Plug and Socket to be included in the NMEA2000® Trunk or backbone cable.
The 3890 24 Volt Power Converter is robustly constructed to the IEC60945 Maritime Navigational and Radio communications Equipment Standard to ensure high reliability and trouble free operation for many years.
It comes complete with 2 metre Power Tee cable, mounting bracket and screws, crimp connectors and full installation and operation instructions.

  • 17 – 32 Volt system input
  • 13.6 Volt NMEA2000® output
  • 6 Amp Output Capability
  • Robust Aluminium Construction
  • Easy to install
  • 2 metre power lead with single Micro plug / socket to NMEA2000® bus


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Oceanic Systems 24 to 12 Volt DC Power Adaptor 3890

  • $240.06

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