4 Channel Temperature Sensor Module 4521

The Oceanic Systems’ 4521 4 Channel Temperature Sensor Module monitors up to 4 type K thermocouples and reports their temperature over the NMEA2000® network.
These thermocouples can include a variety of our temperature sensors including the rugged engine room 4525, Cabin air 4522, liquid 4523 and our ring bolt 4524. The unit will also work with standard type k temperature sensors that are user supplied.
The unit has user-configurable temperature source information for each channel and a red warning LED that is lit if the sensor is damaged or improperly connected.
The connections from the thermocouples to the unit are made by the boat builder preferred Wago cage clamp terminals.
The unit can be either panel mounted or DIN-rail mounted using the clips supplied. It comes with a detailed user manual and is certified to work with NMEA2000®.
The 4521 NMEA2000® 4 Channel Temperature Module is an important part of our Integrated Alarm, Display and Control System.


  • 4 Thermocouple Type K input channels
  • User configurable to temperature source for each channel
  • Red warning LED if thermocouple damaged
  • Blue LED to indicate Temperature data transmission
  • Boat Builder preferred WAGO Cage Clamp Terminals
  • Panel or DIN rail mount robust metal case
  • Low Cost
  • NMEA2000® certified


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Oceanic Systems 4 Channel Temperature Sensor Module

  • $844.85

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