Juice energy efficient flexible solar panels - 12 & 24 Volt

Designed for the harsh marine environment with IP67 waterproof rating terminal blocks, Juice high efficiency marine solar panels provide the ultimate alternative energy solution for marine or motorhome use.  The latest Juice Generation 5 flexible marine solar panels now utilize a high tech polymer top layer and the latest in construction techniques to provide a truely walkable solar panel. Generation 5 panels are also supplied in ‘All Black’, to provide a stylish, modern look and improve the aesthetics of any installation.

The versatility of light weight and flexibly make installation extremely simple on curved roofs or cabin tops of motorhomes and boats. Panels can be mounted by screwing or gluing to any surface and can be fitted with optional fabric trim, zips or eyelets by your local canvas fabricator.  Juice Flexible Solar panels utilize the latest SunPower™ Maxeon cells that provide over 24% efficiency making them one of the highest efficiency panels available in the market.

Coupled with our MPPT solar regulators Juice Flexible Solar panels can deliver free solar power to recharge batteries, run refrigeration and a host of other 12 or 24V appliances.

Dimensions: 1280mmL x 850mmW x 3mmD

Product Features:

  • High efficiency of over 24%
  • Long Life performance
  • Utilizing USA SunPower™ Cells
  • Waterproof termination blocks
  • Bendable to fit most contours
  • Lightweight
  • Sizes from 55 – 210W


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Juice Flexible Solar Panels

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