Wired, Full-Function NMEA 2000® Network Controller with Full-Color LCD Display for use with MediaMaster®


The MMR-40 is a NMEA 2000® Network Controller engineered to add full-function, auxiliary control to MediaMaster® source units.

Outfitted with a NMEA 2000® Micro-C connector, the MMR-40 connects to a host MediaMaster® source unit in two ways:


  • Direct interface with a vessel's NMEA 2000® network using applicable NMEA 2000® cables and connectors (not included)
  • Direct connection of one MMR-40 with one host MediaMaster® source unit using MMC-PN2K powered network cables (sold separately) to simulate an isolated, stand-alone NMEA 2000® network

Once connected, the MMR-40 automatically recognizes the host MediaMaster® source unit and will then mirror all host source unit controls and screen info onto the MMR-40's full-color, 2.8-inch LCD display, resulting in a complete MediaMaster® user experience.

The MMR-40 is equipped with independent display theme and lighting controls for maximum mounting location flexibility, regardless of the settings on the host source unit. Engineered for real-world marine (and many outdoor) applications, its weatherproof (IP66 rated) chassis is built to withstand the harshest environments.

The MMR-40 includes the following features:

  • NMEA 2000® Certified (LEN 4)
  • Easy-to-read, high-brightness, 2.8-inch full-color LCD display with large backlit controls
  • Independent day/night display themes and lighting controls
  • IP66 rated for real marine duty
  • Protective Sun Cover included

Note: The MMR-40 is not a stand-alone receiver and does not function without a connected MediaMaster® source unit. All remote control functionality of the MMR-40 is solely derived from the host source unit. Functionality of the MMR-40 requires connection to a NMEA 2000® network or use of MMC-PN2K powered network cables (sold separately).

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JL Audio - MMR - 40 Network Controller

  • $349.99

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