Garhauer Deck Hardware – Rope Vang – Two Speed Mainsheet System

A boom vang is a line or rope system on a sailboat used to exert downward force on the boom and thus control the shape of the sail. 

This makes handling your mainsheet a bit easier. If you pull both lines, it is a 3 to 1 ratio (or as some people refer to it as gross tune). If you pull a single line, it is a 6 to 1 ratio for fine tuning.

Note : Rope not included.


Vang size  Max Rope Size  Safe Working Load  Main Sheave Size Main Block Length Secondary Block Length 
25 10mm  454kg  2 inch (51mm)  171mm 


30 10mm 907kg  2 ½ inch (63mm)  216mm


40 10mm 1270kg 2 ½ inch (63mm) 235mm


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Garhauer 2 Speed Boom Vang / Mainsheet System

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