Bottle Adapter with Activated Carbon 

Bad-tasting or foul-smelling water is tough to swallow, literally. But hydration is life.

This adapter with an activated carbon cartridge makes sure your widemouth bottle is faithfully filled with clean, refreshing, crisp water – so pure tasting and chemical free you’ll want to drink even more. With a replaceable carbon insert, that’s no problem. Drink up!


  • Refillable, external carbon cartridge for all filters with an outlet hose (for example Katadyn Pocket).

  • Ideal for Katadyn Camp to fill up jerry cans.

  • Activated carbon granules > reduce chemicals and make water taste fresher

  • Bottle adapter > fits different water bottles

  • Outlet barb > fits most hydration systems



External carbon cartridge for chemical reduction and to improve taste and odour of filtered water.


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Katadyn - Bottle Adapter with Activated Carbon

  • $41.45

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