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Actisense PRO-NBF-1 Type Approved NMEA0183 Buffer

Safely connect one Talker to six Listeners with full isolation.

The Type approved NMEA Buffer PRO-NBF-1 Buffer isolates and buffers NMEA 0183 data, with the power to drive multiple devices.

Able to distribute up to six identical, amplified streams of data from one source the NMEA signals are buffered to ensure that each Listener receives the data at the required voltage levels, providing consistent data quality.

Isolation on the input and outputs ensures the protection of the source Talker device and Listener devices.


  • One Opto-Isolated Input
  • Six ISO-Drive™ outputs
  • Outputs automatically track the input baud rate
  • RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 Listener compatible


  • ISO-Drive separates the Listener from the Talker to protect both the NBF-3 and each connected device
  • Wide compatibility meaning simplified installation
  • Simple installation saves time and money and provides peace of mind
  • Type Approved (RINA)

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Actisense PRO-NBF-1 Type Approved NMEA0183 Buffer

  • $554.95

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