Go BIG, Everyone asked!

That time has finally come, we have welcomed back into the store, the 10kg Composite Gas Cylinder.  This is one BIG gas bottle, so there is no excuse for running out of gas now.  Including being able to see the level of gas inside, yes you have read that right.  The liquid gas inside is a darker colour, so you can see when you have a half a bottle of gas left. 

Super lightweight compared to a Steel gas bottle, so any person can lift it and move it around.  The Perfect way to keep your gas on board, due to the cylinders being non corrosive and non rusting, so no more marks or rust stains down the side of the yacht.   Also being UV protected, you can leave these cylinders out with no harm being done.

  •  Meets standard AS-2030/ EN12245
  • Australian regulator and approvals - Test Certificate Provided
  • Refillable at any refill station 
  • Height of the 10kg cylinders are 572mm
  • Diameter being 305mm
  • Weight without gas is 4.6kg

So check them out today.