Why its Important to use SC1 for Spectra watermakers

We have recently been appointed the Australian Distributorship for Spectra Water Machines.  Since we do servicing here in-house and we wanted to bring this issue to people’s attention.  Recently we have had some customers Clark pumps in for servicing but then they were shortly labelled “no longer fit for use.”  The reason being customers are not using the correct Biocide/Pickling solution/SC1, it very important to use SC1 from Spectra, due to the Clark pumps being made of composite, other companies Biocide/ Pickling Solutions actually eat away the composite Clark pump. The chemicals will cause the black composite to turn a little grey and then become soft and eat away parts like the Pilot orifice.  Causing the Clark pump to work correctly.

Here is some example pictures - 


Centre Block Dis-coloured and starting to become soft - 



Spool Assembly and End block bore discoloured
and becoming soft.


You can see the colour difference on the piston rod the most.


 Close up of the damage to piston rod.



Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.  Also please remember to get the correct Pre-filters and Carbon filters, as we have also heard of customers using other brands and the filters not meeting the right requirements including measurements, so letting the water around the filter.