Press Release about Spectra & Katadyn Group

Spectra Watermakers Distribution in Australia

As of January 1st 2015, the KATADYN GROUP – headquartered in Kemptthal Switzerland – has acquired the assets of SPECTRA Watermakers in San Rafael, California/US, manufacturer of  desalination systems based on proprietary energy recovery pumps. The line of Katadyn Desalinators (Power Survivors and hand operated Survivors) are now rebranded under the Spectra label. The KATADYN GROUP is committed to invest into and to expand the line of high-quality desalination systems for both the marine and land-based sectors. With this acquisition, the KATADYN GROUP becomes one of the most significant suppliers of small and medium-sized sea water desalination systems on the market.

Australia has always been and continues to be a key market for the Spectra and Katadyn brands with a strong presence in both the marine and the institutuional (military) segment. After several years of successful Spectra distributorship, Enerdrive Pty. Ltd. / Brisbane decided to focus on their fast growing core market of mobile/marine electrical and off grid solar including Lithium battery storage and their ePOWER Charger & Inverter range. We would like to thank the Enerdrive team for their great support and wish them ongoing success in the future.

Subsequently we are pleased to inform you, that Southern Seas Marine Pty. Ltd. / Coomera - Gold Coast QLD will take over as our appointed Australia Distributor for the complete range of Spectra Watermakers. Michael Date and his dedicated team have been in the marine business for 15 years and bring a broad experience of quality brands including professional services of installation, service and maintenance. Michael Date and his team successfully introduced our hand pumped Survivor watermakers to the Australian Airforce and Navy.   

Be assured that there is a smooth transition from Enerdrive to Southern Seas in progress. We are convinced that the broader product range, the wider area of applications combined with a knowledgeable and motivated crew will offer new and interesting opportunities for our trade partners.  

For any question kindly contact Mike Date

Southern Seas Marine

Gold Coast City Marina.
Unit A6 /58 Waterway Drive

Coomera QLD 4209.

Ph: 07 5502-9666

Fax: 07 5502-9777

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We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with your company.

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Marco Preisig                                                                                      Kyle Stephan

Managing Director, Swisspro Pte Ltd                                              President, Katadyn Desalination

Katadyn Asia                                                                                        Spectra Watermakers