Designed with super yachts in mind, the thrusters in the Retract™ thruster range offer exceptional durability & performance characteristics. Light, compact & built following exacting engineering standards these folding retractable units have been fitted to the worlds most prestigious super yachts for many years.

The patented double wishbone retracting movement allows the thruster’s turbine to move along a perfectly vertical axis. This in turn makes for simple and small hull openings.

Using a unique & patented folding movement, Retract™ thruster units require little space inside the yacht thereby allowing designers to freely use all the interior space available. Fully water resistant, the Retract™ can be installed in the bottom of damp sail lockers or wet bilges without problem.

The Retract’s™ unique design means that the thruster not only has a longer stroke(s) but also uses a much smaller hull opening when compared to swing type designs.

Built-in weak zones in the Retract’s™ mechanism assure hull integrity in case of accidents such as fowling ground lines or anchor chains.

The Retract™ mechanism allows the last closing moment of the door to be completely vertical. This in turn allows the use of a flexible gasket in the hull rebate.

Often used on high performance vessels, the pounding forces submitted to the hulls plating in the bow sections can be violent. Retract™ thrusters use silent block mountings between the hull door & the thruster’s turbine to ensure long-term structural integrity.

  R200/6 R200/8
Part number - 24 Volt Control 317801 317802
Maximum Thrust 10kg per kW 10kg per kW
Max. Hydraulic Power 8kW 12kW
Propellers Duo, 2 blades Duo, 2 blades
Weight 35kg 35kg






Dimensions  mm
A 500
B 355
C 320
D 200
E 255


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R200 - Hydraulic Retractable Thruster

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